Vaniglia del Madagascar Deluxe Edition

Product Code: #PFP- Barneys Edition

Price: $190.00

Unit Size: 100 ml

i Profumi di Firenze created a Barneys exclusive deluxe edition 100ml bottle of their star fragrance--Vaniglia del Madagascar. This vanilla orchid perfume developed a cult following from the moment it landed stateside and is a favorite scent of royalty, film stars and the fashionable cognescenti. 

A must for vanilla lovers, the luxurious bottle and perfume offer an elegant indulgence of Italian craftsmanship. The perfume starts off as a rich vanilla confection, seemingly simple, but beguiling as it evolves into an alluring, deep, creamy caramel with hints of floral coming through and a whisper of incense.

Notes: Vanilla Orchid from Madagascar that is ethically sourced, Cream, Italian Wild Honeysuckle, Green Notes and whisper of Incense.
Please note this deluxe edition Vaniglia del Madagascar originally created for Barneys New York will only be available for purchase on our website for a limited time.