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Experience the soulful, exquisite quality that comes from a handcrafted fragrance
by master Florentine perfumer Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo. A high percentage of natural ingredients are used giving the fragrances a one-with-nature elegance. From Catherine de Medici's secret perfume recipe to a minimalist sea breeze fragrance, our 7 most popular scents serve as a great introduction. One whiff and you'll know why i Profumi di Firenze has a cult following worldwide. 


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Caterina de Medici

Price: $110.00

Costa Mediterranea

Price: $110.00

Frangipane e Cocco

Price: $110.00

i Profumi di Firenze - Scented Experience

Price: $110.00

La Notte di Angelica

Price: $120.00

Sampler Set Top Sellers

Price: $14.00

Vaniglia del Madagascar

Price: $110.00